How to be an Unprofessional Blogger?

how to be an unprofessional bloggerThere are plenty of posts on how to be a professional blogger, but none on how to be an unprofessional blogger.. If you relate to any of these practices you may wish to stop as these are practices that are usually seen as unprofessional..

List of what makes an Unprofessional Blogger and Solutions

1 ) How to be an Unprofessional Blogger – Spell Check – Spell checking feature in your blogging admin is worth using, not only does it correct bad spelling but allows you to see bad grammar while doing it that you may have missed before publishing.. I noticed many top bloggers misspell words every now and then, what makes it unprofessional is how often there are misspelled words in your posts..

2 ) How to be an Unprofessional Blogger -Talking about yourself too Much – This is more my own opinion, however blogs that talk about how great they are can be seen as less trustworthy or believable.. Just focus on being as honest as possible and it will pay off.. Blogging is like a discussion with friends, people that just talk about themselves can be annoying.. This does not mean to not include yourself in posts, it just means do not brag about how much you earn, how great you are, ect, ect..

3 ) How to be an Unprofessional Blogger – Not using Headings – Blog posts that are just content look really boring and unprofessional, use headings to break up some of your paragraphs in your posts to look more professional..

4 ) How to be an Unprofessional Blogger – No Images – Yes that is right an image says a thousand words, by using you are way more professional than the million other websites that do not.. If you follow the 6 second marketing rule then images can help keep your visitors for longer.. I know adding an image can take an extra 5 minutes of your time, however in the end it makes the post as well.. Look at other professional blogs, they use images..!

5 )  How to be an Unprofessional Blogger – No Image of You – Okay people love seeing the person behind the blog, add your own image somewhere on the header or sidebar and it looks so much more professional.. In fact most bloggers will testify this is the most important factor and if not at least on your main pages, include at least one in your about you page.. And try not to use a drunken image, unless you are selling alcohol, just use a nice standard image of yourself..

If you can think of any more unprofessional blogger steps with solutions, comment about it below..?


  1. Haha, I got 1 out of 5!

    I guess that makes me a professional unprofessional blogger!

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