How to beat a Blogging Addiction?

how to beat a blogging addictionPeople have probably seen in the the last few days one of the biggest issues in America today is a blogging addiction…People are starting as young as 13 these days by national statistics. You know the major signs when the person can’t look away from the computer.

“Is this blogging addiction the next big killer…”

While precautionary measures are trying to be made most of these issues are just too strong for the local Police. The best thing they can do is continue the random blog test by pulling people over in there cars but it might be too late. First it was drugs now this might be the next epidemic.

“Is your kid addicted to Blogging? Do you know the signs…”

Signs of a Blog Addict

  • Looking at blogs first thing in the morning
  • Before sleeping looking at blogs
  • Uncontrollable shaking when away from the blog world
  • Talks about blogs when away from the computer
  • Hanging with bloggers and the wrong blogging crowd
  • Using blogging as an escape from reality

In the end harsher sentences will have to be enforced to control this epidemic and crack downs on the blog dealers out there. Next thing you know the blog addiction may turn into writing blogs and then it might be too late. (lmao)


  1. williamgeorge says

    The rules for Blog are a bit looser than those for NaBloPoMo. You don’t have to actually write the post on the day you post it, so that you can pile up pre-written posts and feed them out one at a time. Posts can be anything – a photo or video link are fair game.
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