How to Boost your Laptop Wi Fi Signal?

Have you ever wondered about how to increase or boost your Wi Fi strength with your Laptop? Well now you can with this simple Wi Fi boost technique . All you need is some, cheap tin aluminium foil and some scissors. You may even have some aluminum foil in your kitchen already.

The best thing I like about this tip is it a can easily be constructed and de-constructed with minutes. As another tip this method of boosting Wi Fi signal with your Laptop can also be used in a similar way to boost signal with a mobile..

Some people have noticed by using this technique an extra two bars of boost, allowing faster downloads and quicker page loads. Try for yourself and see how it goes. Please note, if you already have full bar connection chances are it will not boost at all, it is most beneficial for those on two or less bars.

Video Above – In the Video above, a demonstration is shown on how to quickly and easily boost your Wi Fi Signal for your laptop with aluminium tin foil and some scissors.

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