How to Bribe your Visitor or Reader for more Traffic?

How to Bribe your web Visitor or Reader for more Traffic?What if you could receive as much as twenty or more visitors from each of your readers. Each time someone visited a post or page of yours on your blog or website you could be potentially be generating more traffic..? How you might ask…? Well I don’t know, i was hoping you could tell me.

Ahhh only joking, there are a number of ways to generate more traffic from a visitor, one of the best ways is to bribe them…I know that sounds bad, but many web-owners are doing it all the time. The best way to bribe them is to use the social media networks to your advantage (digg, stumbleupon, reddit, sphinn etc).

When readers submit a post or page of yours to the social networks what does it do?… It creates traffic…Stumbleupon alone can create 100’s of views from one submission of a reader. The trick is how to get more readers or visitors to submit to one or some of these social media networks when they visit one of your website pages.

Bribing your Web Visitor or Reader (step one)

First of all add the buttons to your post or page, somewhere visible, at the bottom of a post is best i reckon that way the reader has finished reading and if they like the page they are more willing to share now. After that write a line or two next to the buttons saying something like “If you enjoyed or was helped by this post, why not share it with others by submitting this page to one of the social media networks below.”

Even better yet why not offer a free ebook or free service for a stumble or digg, etc. You could offer a free ebook on something related to your blog theme or website and you could say down next the social media buttons – “Want a free ebook (valued at 10 dollars or something) on “whatever”?.. Yes, well all you have to do is share this post or one of my good posts to one of the social networks below and then contact me for a free copy.

If you run a value added service like a Directory submission etc at a value, you could offer it as a free service in return for sharing one of your posts. It is always best to write this or offer these bribes at the bottom of a post or web page.

Overall bribing is another way of offering another service or holding you reader or viewer long enough to create another source of traffic. If you think about it even if only one in twenty people stumbled or digged or submitted your post or page, you could potentially be creating a funnel of traffic to your website that could turn out to be more email subscribers or further submitting again for more traffic. Using the social media networks is another good source for generating quality traffic as well as being able to generate more income from your website..

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