How to Bring an Old Blog Post back to Life?

In a previous post I mentioned how to Bring an Old Abandoned Blog back to Life?..

In this post I wanted to post about another important factor, how to bring an old abandoned post back to Life? This technique can help in situations where you notice an old post that used to get lots of search engine traffic and or reader traffic and now gets hardly any..

Analyse what type of web post fits this category exactly –

1. Once High Daily Traffic to Post, Now Low Traffic..
2. A popular reader post but is now is way back in your blogs archives for readers to find easily..
3. Used to rank high in the search engines for a particular keyword, now it is lower ranking..

What is the Solution to Bring this Old Blog Post back to Life..?

Okay so now that I have gone over what are the signs of an abandoned blog post, here are some easy techniques to use to bring it back to life..

1. Back Links to the post can help search engine wise if it is ranking, that is the issue..
2. In your next post write about a related topic and link to the old post in this post.. (an example of this linking is in this post with my related post on how to bring a old blog back to life)
3. For a serious resurrection, write a series of related posts over the next couple of weeks period all linking (internal links) within content to the old post.. This tip can help dramatically in particular helping readers find the old post again.
4. Use the Contextual Related Posts Plugin like below in this post.

The second one is a good routine in general as you write on your blog and it helps your readers find related posts to topics better. In a way this is a bit like refocusing on the past and bringing it back to the future.

You may be asking what is the best way of noticing when a post is dieing traffic wise? The best way I find is by looking at your stats, monitor your top posts and if one starts to decline dramatically in traffic, then the bring back technique can help..

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