How to Build an Online Blog Community?

How’s your comments and online blog community going..? If it is going great then congratulations, however for those that want to build a bigger or better community around your blog or website this is what I do… Step by step…

 – Step 1 – Join Mybloglog

 – Step 2 – Build contacts and join as many related communities as you can in Mybloglog

 – Step 3 – Choose 50 related blogs in those communities and open them in new tab or window…

 – Step 4 – Comment on one to two related posts in each blog and then close that blog window or tab.. Do not worry about finding them again, Mybloglog records this information for members..If your comments are excepted there website will appear under communities.

 – Step 5 – Do this to the total of 50 blogs, spend some time writing good comments as well, adding input to these blogs. Doing 50 will probably take you at least 3 hours to complete.

 – Step 6 – Repeat these steps once a week until you notice a flow of community around your blog. The best bit about this technique, is it increases not only increases your community but also increases your traffic, as well as Alexa rank and lastly pr.. Someone mentioned to me the other day as well that comments increase your Technorati score. I will have to do some research on Technorati, however it makes sense that it would..


  1. I just wanted to say you can do the same process above with

  2. Update – My Blog Log came to an end which was unfortunate.

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