How to Convert Visitor Traffic to Sales? Knowing Your Marketplace

This is part two in the How to Convert Visitor Traffic to Sales Series? Part one was about increasing length of stay. In this one it is about learning and knowing your marketplace. There are so many elements in this topic, age specific, country specific, gender specific or product or service specific.

By knowing all these well we can then know who our competitors are, who our friends or affiliates are and lastly who is our audience. This is a common problem online, so many web owners do not know who their web visitors are. It makes sense that simply working this out is not only going to help them more, but also turn your website into a more successful tool.

Statistics Help Learn your Marketplace!

One way of figuring out your target audience is with statistics, you can look at which country does your traffic come from most, which keywords do they find your site with and what are the most common visitor paths on your website. This basically sums it all up, this is the best tool for understanding.

Country Specific Marketplace..

It makes sense to write about or provide more related content or products to what your readers view or visit often..It also makes sense that visitors from US will be different from visitors in Asia or Australia. This is where you can get more personal with your visitors. If you notice a lot of visitors from Asia visiting your website it makes sense to offer products or services related to where they are.. Am I right..?

This is not to say only focus on your main market, it just means to focus on them more than other markets that visit your website..

how to convert visitor traffic how to know your marketplace

(Country Stats screenshot for one of my webistes within

Gender and Age Marketplace

Learning your audiences gender or age is done as your online business progresses, which gender do you receive email from the most, who purchases your main product or service purchases (which gender), what gender comments on your blog the most, etc, etc. By learning the gender of your audience you can provide more gender specific content as well as specify better to what you are selling..

Product and Service Related Marketplace

My last point on understanding your marketplace is your related product or service line. By understanding this you can create income from related items to these products or services in this field. Look at it this way if you sold coffee, it makes sense to sell tea or coffee mugs as well or anything related..

It also makes sense to know your competition in this area, maybe even email them and try to work with them in some way. By doing this successfully you have made a friend of your competition and now both of you may do better by benefiting from each others support.

Update – Another good way of doing this now is by using Google Analytic’s,  this tool breaks down what traffic is doing in great deal and covers other aspects like bounce rate, link tracking and what the reader is doing, this give lots of hints on what you should be focusing. Once set up look in content and entry pages, sort by top ten to twenty and these pages are your homepage pages and should be improved in order to improve sales as well.


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