How to Create a Great Product Image?

How to Create a Great E-Commerce Product ImageDo you run an E-Commerce store? If so, how do your product images look?

When adding a product to a E-Commerce website product page, below are a few tips to make the product look and stand out a lot better.

1. ) Use Fireworks or Photo Shop to Create a White Background Around the Image – This can be done by selecting the image in fireworks and using the rubber tool carefully to delete the background around the object. After which you will notice the product will look a lot better and stand out a lot more on a page.

2. ) Try to Use Angles – Try to use a few angles of the product if possible, in a way like a model would pose. This will increase overall impression and make your product page / product stand out a bit more.

3. ) Use High Resolution Images – There is nothing worse than low resolution blurry product image in particular if you are selling on a E-Commerce product site. What I recommend you do is in fireworks (if you use fireworks – recommended) go to optimise, choose jpg and then up the quality number to a better impressive image look.

Important tip – Do not use png files as they are massive and create slow page loads.. Instead use only jpgs and gif formats for your images.

The image in this post is an example of a optimised, white background and the front angle of a Jewelry item on Treasured Jewels.

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