How to create an awesome Domain Name?

Well domain names are an important part of working online…Fundamentally the domain name is who we are online, its not the be all end all, but it does help to have a good one…Here is a list of things to look for with a domain name that are important for those starting out…

Domain Name to do guide when creating one –

  • A name that is related to your business that is easy to remember  for return customers or readers
  • Make it short if possible
  • Make it freindly

There is also things you don’t want to do when creating a Domain name and a lot of webmasters do it online and some of which can damage your online business…I definitely would recommend not doing these…

 Domain Name Creating not to do Guide –

  •  Making the domain name too long
  •  Making it a hard to remember for customers or readers…what was that website again?…
  • If you are going to make it keyword based, don’t make it totally keyword based…only a guide for this one..

In the end the best form of domain name is your business actions or your business name..It is best not to create multiple domain names that point to the same URL as well, this is a good way to get banned in the search engines…Just find a good name about you..

An good example is if you you owned a business that sold carrots all sorts online…Carrot seeds let’s say…and your business name is “Carrots Direct”…What do you think would be a good Domain name…?


The one i would choose is the first one is because its easy to remember for customers or readers…Its also a stronger name…The second one could be a information website or a who knows? But the first one definitely says i sell carrots direct.. When deciding a Domain name its good to think of your customers as well as your business, don’t just think of the search engines…

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