How to Explain How I Make Money Online at a Party?

This question does not just relate to me, but to any online money maker.. When you go to a party or when you meet new people this question is common.. What do you do for a living..?


Above – Me, Family and some friends having a few Beers in Bellingen Australia.. Global Carnival Time..

The answer is always a baffling one for new people we meet. I run an Internet business, I sell online, I manage 9 websites.. In the end they look back with a baffled look.. “Oh your doing IT or oh your on the dole if your in Australia. Who do you work for..?”

Ummm its my own business..

Anyways its a funny question because people always want to put you and what you do into a related understanding category of what you do.. Lately i have found that saying i manage 9 websites is a easy answer. Does not get too much thought back other than okay that is interesting, but I do not fully understand..

“Anyways lets drink to that..”

In particular it is interesting when trying to explain online business to your new girlfriend or new girlfriends mum or family.. Its like do you understand what i mean about my business..? Umm a common response is “not really, but sort of..” “A little confusing..?”

Its good though, when you go to a party it can always become a popular topic. “Hey everyone this guy does something totally different to any of us..” “He makes a living off working online..” Nice one, now you have everyone’s attention, let’s drink to that..

Anyways so back to the question for those that do the same online business and go to parties. Just say you run (how many) websites online and its an easy answer. Girls will always love that it is different and people will always be interested in knowing more.. Keep it simple, let them ask the questions if they are interested and never feel like you need to explain it all.. Just keep it simple and have fun.. No worries, now back to the party hey..


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