How to find your House with Google Earth?

One of the first things most people want to do when starting with Google earth is checking out your house and pinning it on the map.. A lot of newbies are unsure on how to do this so this is a basic guide on how to find your house quickly. First of all download the latest version of Google Earth 5.0 then fire it up. Now that you have it installed and opened follow these simple steps to find your house.

How to find your house with Google Earth?

how to find your house with google earth1 ) Enter your Address – This one is pretty straight forward enter your address, in the top left of the screen (as seen to the left) and click the search image. Wait a while as google earth loads, depending on Internet speed this can take a while..

2 ) Pinning the Location – Yellow Pin the location on the Google earth saying whatever – your house, etc.. After do not forget to click “Save My Places” under File above after you are done and then hey pronto your done.. The location is saved, now you can enter your friends or work places and do the same to map your world and make your Google Earth unique to your locations around the world.. Have fun..!

how to find your house with google earth

(Image above is of my old house ad car from aerial view provided by Google Earth. You can see how I marked my car down the bottom with the Yellow Pin.)


  1. caitlyn riley says

    please help me find 1411 5th streat!!!!!!!

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Caitlyn,
    How did you go with finding..? By following the steps above and spending a bit of time you should be able to find..

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