How to form a Blogging Team on your WordPress Blog?

I have noticed forming a blogging team is a common practice especially from some of the major blogs in my related blog field. It is basically where the blog owner allows certain blog writers to guest posts on there blog. It seems to be becoming more and more popular and if you ask me is a interesting and powerful way to build a blog fast.

The best benefits of all it is allows more posts per day. Having a team and also allows more traffic flow to your blog. The only downfall of building a team is looking for quality good writers which are focused on your theme.. The major bonus to writers is it allows one link back to there main website / blog (increasing there overall traffic and writer influence) or allows non web site owners to express themselves online with out having to spend money for hosting.

Screenshot below of how to set this option in WordPress –

how to form a blogging team on your blog

Contributing is a good overall system and the administrator always has say on publishing and editing on posts written by others.. To enable this in wordpress, simply go to Options then General to select, Anyone can register and then choose contributor for New User Default Role. After which you can go to you will see register there.

When people register they only have access to write posts and save them, but not publish. So all posts need to be manually excepted and reviewed by you, the administrator…. Having the contributor option in wordpress is one aspect of the script that is not discussed much but has huge potential for blog owners…

 “If you are interested in becoming a contributor on here, Buyers Web feel free to email me through contact us above and let me know your thoughts…”

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