How to get a Girlfriend if you are a Nerd or Geek?

Are you hopeless or having trouble getting a girlfriend? If so, you may need to make a few changes to help your situation. In this (funny and humorous) video below it goes through a few techniques on how to to get a girlfriend even if you are geek or nerd. It is a funny video, so please people do not take offense to the video. Some of the tips however I find are useful no matter what sort of character you are, however that is my opinion.. What do you think?

How to get a Girlfriend if you are a Hopeless Nerd?

Video Above – Video shows many aspects of how a geek or nerd can improve there chances of getting a girlfriend even if you are having heaps of trouble.


  1. Josh Pellicer says

    It’s important that you and your partner can communicate well.
    Using the No Contact Rule will take time and it will not be ideal
    that you should hurry through it or else you will have to
    repeat it once more. d say nearly 100% of the guys I have helped seem
    to have accepted that they will die alone and that they will never find a

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