How to get your Blog to 100 Visitors a Day? – Part One

how to get a hundred visitors a day to a blogA common question many webmasters ask me is, how to get 100 good visitors a day minimum on a blog?

So many times, so I thought it was about due for a post on the subject. If you already get over 100 unique visitors to blog already daily, then see these tips as a way to help to increase that number even further.

Why 100 is a common question you may ask?

This question is common mainly because it is the first step of any blog journey. It has to start somewhere so this is the beginning goal. This is what I work on with any new blog I make or help make. It helps keep one on a realistic goal path that once achieved, goal setting after that is a lot easier to improve.

Baby blog steps in a way..

Okay, so first things first when running a new blog niche, your wondering what is the first objective..?  First of all let’s focus on my golden rule, what i call  “The hundred by hundred Blog rule..”

Hundred Good Blog Posts Related to your Niche Minimum

Okay so here is where you get down all those creative juices and basically get that blog to 100 posts. Try not to worry about other areas yet, this is a great focus and if do it right you should be able to get down at least 5 posts a day. This should take about 3 to 4 weeks maximum and allow the search engines to start picking up your regular posts well.

Before the hundred is fully finished you should be seeing some small amount of natural search engine traffic coming in.Depending on niche and quality it may be a small handful of visitors daily such as 20 to 30 or it alone may be bring in close to your target already.

With the posts, try to keep them as specific to your niche as possible and commonly make your titles like common questions people may ask about in that niche. The reason being for this is that generally when people search online they generally search in the form of a question.

Eg. Like this Post title – How to get your Blog to 100 Visitors a Day?

A good tip here is to jot down as many key words in your niche, keyword questions in your niche to get the creativeness going.

In part two, I will focus on where to get around a hundred back links that will help to increase your daily visitor count as well as create more branding for your new blog.? To keep up to date on this 100 visitors a day series, consider subscribing to this blogs RSS.


  1. Firstly, the simplest way to get 100 unique visitors daily is to write a post daily and ensure to produce 10-15 inward links on high traffic blogs and forums. (2 hours for writing post and 2 hours for linking)

    Secondly, submit that post to top 10 article directories. (2 hours)

    Finally, submit that post to top 10 social news sites such as Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon. (2 hours)

    1. Linking – 50-60 visitors.
    2. Article Directories-10 visitors.
    3. Social News sites-25 visitors.

    Total unique visitors could be 85-100.

  2. RottenWord says

    Good post but i have a question though…how on Earth could someone write 5 posts/day? This seems insane. I undertand that in order to get traffic you need to be consistant and post often but seriously I could never imagine one person write 5 posts/day( considering that the post are of medium size,not 100 words).

    • Hey Rottenword,
      This is very true, but i used to do it, basically treating it like a job and most posts well and truly over 500 words as well.. This used to really bring in lots of traffic.. In the past..

      With that being said and done, i only write like once a week now as this blog has grown and i have so much of the needed topics here already. It really depends on your niche though, if it is a limited niche then think on only 20 to 30 subjects needed to be discussed in that niche specifically and write over 1000 words on each related topic linking them all up in relation to each other. This is a much better idea, especially now with Googles new algorithm deranking high content sites.. Instead focus on only what is truly needed and then build links with guest posts and comments in that related niche..

      Eg – For A Site About Tomatoes

        What Are Tomatoes?
        Where Did Tomatoes originate?
        How to Grow Tomatoes?
        How Many Varieties of Tomatoes?
        The Best Tomato Recipes
        And so on..

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