How to get your Blog to 100 Visitors a Day? – Part Two

In this post I will focus on the second part of getting a new website past 100 visitors, the back links. Here you also want to focus on a minimum of hundred to begin with. Leave yourself a good bit of time for this as this generally is the most important part of any online campaign. Online Tip to Ponder – As a good tip keep this objective in mind, you want website influence in related areas similar to your own online niche..

Below is a list of what to do.. Each of which has it’s own web post so you can focus on each area specifically.

1 ) Join Mybloglog – Mybloglog is a great online tool for getting your blogs latest posts seen by members part of  your community.

2 ) Join Blogcatalog – Online bloggers forum where you can add your blog and chat with other bloggers in your niche, create partnerships or even get advice on your blog.

3 ) Submit to many Web Directories – Directories are always a great extra source of traffic and back links. Try to submit to at least 50 directories in your first submission process. It takes time but is well worth it.

4 ) Use Article Directories and Distribution – Articles are a great source of writing about a related subject and being able to include a link. To begin with try to do ten articles. And then later do more.

5 ) Do the Web Commenting Strategy – Important avenue of traffic, branding and many other benefits.

6 ) Consider Link Reference Swaps – This is basically about making and establishing quality partnerships with other related bloggers.

7 ) Be active in Related Forums – I do not have a post on this subject just yet, but will soon. This is another important element for building quality related links, traffic and branding.

After doing the above steps, your website should well and truly be on the right path to getting over a 100 good visitors a day. To increase that number simply start again from the beginning.  It is all about repetition of these steps, quality of posts and lastly dedication.

Go back to step one and then back to step two.


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