How to Increase Conversion in Affiliate Marketing?

One of the most important aspects of Affiliate Marketing is understanding and learning conversion ratios.. By understanding conversion ratios you can work out what is a good investment, what is worth still promoting and what is worth let go of in affiliate marketing..

Here are some methods or tips to better understand what to look for in affiliate marketing promotion and conversion..

Conversion Ratio and Affiliate Sales

First of all lets look at a good conversion ratio.. The best conversion ratio from experience to me is one commission in 100 to 200 visits to the promoted program.. 100 being the best and 200 being okay, but still good.. If no commission after 200 clicks then it is a good indication to let go of that affiliate program..

CPA Affiliate Programs make more the PPC programs!

Secondly lets look at the money figures.. And compare it to PPCs etc.. Most good affiliate programs give a commission of around $50 per sale all the way up to $150 (in general) so let’s just say it is $50 in this one as an example.. Okay so if it is 50 then you divide 50 by 100 for best results, that gives you 50 cents per click looking at it in PPC comparison..

If you have always thought PPCs pay the most, then now is the time to reconsider your thoughts..

Impression Analysis.. What to look for per click in Affiliate Marketing..?

Thirdly how many clicks per impression… Hmm this is a tricky one, basically the best way to sum this up is the more related the affiliate program and more user friendly the program the higher the impression to conversion ratio here..

I good impression conversion is about 1 in a hundred however you can easily increase this by dedicated a post or page to the program or by using affiliate bait banners…

I will go into detail a bit more on how to use bait banners in my next post, but basically it is a banner that is more noticeable on the page.. Color  theme and uniqueness create this.. If you find you are receiving one click in 200 that is still fine it depends also on where the promotion banner / link is prominently on your site..

It makes sense that if it is in a hard to see spot then of course conversions will be lower..

Most people do not know this, the best spot for affiliate banners is just below the header in the area visitors see first before continuing down your content and page, the main reason for this is because most visitors stay only for a very short amount of time.. (6 second rule).. so in that time if they see the banner then it increases conversion or chances… In a way it is all mathematical, so to conclude below are some maths conversions to go for..

  • 1 in 100 to 400 impressions / per click
  • 1 in 100 to 200 clicks / per commission

If you are not getting these sort of results it may be a time to stop promoting that affiliate program or look at how you are promoting or how you can keep visitors on your blog / website longer?… Good Luck..!

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