How to keep your Visitors Longer on your Website?

How to keep your Visitors Longer on your Website?Keeping your web visitors longer on your website is a key element that is important in any online business. When you look at your web stats for your website are you seeing only one or two average clicks per visitor? If you are it’s okay as a lot of people fall into this trap… Don’t panic…

What differs your website from other websites where the visitor lingers and returns time and time again?

The main difference I have have noticed is web appearance. Here is a list of some elements that can cause visitors to leave your website quickly –

  • Too much Advertising
  • Common template theme
  • Lack of images
  • Poor content
  • Negative or bad grammar in pages or posts

So how do you keep your Visitors staying Longer on you website..?

  • Good Unique Template
  • Well presented Images
  • Good Content – Researched
  • Provide Free Services or Offers
  • Competitions
  • Email Subscriptions or RSS Subscriptions
  • Adding links in you content from your pages to other related pages on your website

“By visitors staying longer on your website, not only do you increase sales but you increase repeat visits..”

By studied web research the average duration for a person to visit your website is 6 seconds. So in that 6 seconds you have to convince them to stay longer. In your posts or pages always refer to helping readers or visitors, not you this and you that… Discuss how to solve issues for the readers benefit. Also another good hint is when marketing a product in a post or page always refer don’t straight out sell..

“You can increase web stay by being your self and write in a way that includes the reader in your pages.”

I have always liked the saying “questions are the answer”… And stick by that as a rule to draw readers into your post or page. People always like to answer questions and it gets there thought more involved in a post or page. Would you agree…?

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