How to Live really Cheap in a Time of Recession?

Do you need to save money..? This funny article was emailed to me by a friend who wishes to stay anonymous.. The post is about tips to live really cheap in this time of recession..

If you can think of any other cheap tips to add to this list please comment it below.. Let’s see how many steps we can add..

Living Cheap Tips during a Recession – Steps to Save you Money..

1 ) Eat Rice – It is fully one of the cheapest foods out there, just add a couple of veges and some salt and hey presto..

2 ) Don’t Shower – I know this one sucks, but if you hardly shower it will save you heaps of money..

3 ) Use Newspaper instead of Toilet Paper – Toilet paper is getting really dear these day, try limiting it or using newspaper instead..

4 ) Don’t Drive – Call your mates and say your car is broke down and can they give you a lift.. lol.. Fuel costs a lot remember..

5 ) Dieting Time – Tell everyone your going on a diet instead of saying you can’t afford your lunch, this can really save you money.. Dieting is always a good excuse..

6 ) Holiday Time – Say your spending time with the family to cover up not being able to afford a holiday..Holidays cost a lot, fuel, accommodation, food, etc..

7 ) Use No Name Food Brands – Now is the time to believe more than ever that branding does not matter, they all taste the same, it’s just no name baked beans are cheaper..

8 ) Rent your house out and live in a caravan in the Backyard – No joke, this one is real, I had to add this one as it is becoming more common..This one can save you heaps and make you extra money during these times..

9 ) Party with your friends at home rather than at the pub – This is a good tip, party with your friends at your home and ask them to bring alcohol to the party, that way you can buy a small supply and then share what others have brought over..

10) Eat more often at your parents – This one depends on what sort of parents you have but now may be the time to have dinner at there place more often, it is fine to bring something along, just as long as it is just rice..


  1. 11) Jog to Work and Stop going to the Gym – If you jog to work even if it is 4 to 5 klms away it can really save you money as well as be good exercise.. You can also quit that monthly gym membership.. 🙂

  2. If you decide to splurge a bit and go out, check out They show cheap places to eat.

  3. Do not call your friends, instead send “call back”

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