How to Make a Business Out of a Blog?

blog web hostingThis is always a hard question, so many people look at there blogs like it is personal diary. While others may even take it so far as to believe money should not be made from blogging. The truth is either way if you want to make money from a blog we all need to look at it differently.

Read on if your interested in making money from your blog or future blog..

Conventional Business VS Online Business

First of all it is all about perspective really. Let’s take a commercial business like a street front shop. The outgoing costs are huge, yet these businesses still make money am i right?

They have to take into account rent, electricity, insurance, theft costs, hiring staff and the list goes further and further.

However now when we look at the online world of business what do we see.. Hosting costs, a url, some creativity and some time and wolla.. There is no rent, hiring costs, or electricity bills for a shopfront, it is simply online.. Value seems more oriented on creativity and time of creation of the blog. Yet is that not the same as working in a shopfront, darn hard time and investment and what are the risks..

It may not even make a profit..?

So what does this mean to many? How can we make a business of a blog..? Simply see your blog like a business and treat it like one.  Make a timetable of what you want, how much traffic you want or more, how much you wish to invest in time and paid advertising. Basically said treat it like you would if it was a physical shop..

To some i even know the concept of making money from a blog only awoke once made in the first place. Eg. They got a check from one of there affiliate sponsors or Infolinks or AdSense. Who knows, but for many it is like they never thought of it as real money maker, until they got the money..

One line i heard recently from a Blogger.. “I need a real business..”

Which i replied “what about your online blog” and they said “oh i mean a shop front..” “My blog does okay but it does not feel real.” It is amazing how one month later her changing and tweaking her blog to make a few adjustments made her hundreds of extra dollars. What about a couple of months later..? Now she sees what i mean by looking at it like a business. If only she saw it earlier she says to me later on..

I just love the simplicity of the online world, how we can take a unique niche and in time convert it sales and make it a full or part time income.. When you look at the online world via other forms of income online really is amazingly limitless..

Below is a list of Do’s to change on a Blog to Make it a Real Business

1. Add related niche affiliate banners or ads to compliment your site and make money..

2. Add in content ads. They pay well, one example is Infolinks.

3. Pay for related adverting in similar niches. What form of advertising is up to you, but just make sure to keep records to claim it on tax as an expense..

4. Invest time in to it like you would a conventional business. Make a timetable.

5. Subscribe to my blog to receive tips and tricks to help on many forms of online money making tips and blog tips.

6. Lastly choose a niche that you enjoy, a passion so to speak, as that way you choose an online business you enjoy and that way it really is not work if you enjoy it, am i right..?

7. Have a incoming and outgoing draw for costs and money made. See it like a business, set it up like a business. These all help. That way you can more easily see what you can spend and what you can get back on invested time or money…


  1. Making money online is a tough. One needs so much patience and dedication in order to make things happen. It doesn’t come overnight.

  2. tycoon cashflow review says

    Nice article.Thanks for the tips. I agree with the person above me. Everything is possible but you have to put some time in it.

  3. agree. That looks great idea to earn from our blog.

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