How to Make Content Go Viral?

One of the many successes people have online is the ability to make content move. It is one thing to have content sit and be read by those that find it, yet it is another to have others discussing it.. That’s where using viral techniques come in and i will discuss in this post..

First of let’s look at what Viral is online, it is a way in which content or information is spread around with little or no effort much on the publisher.. To have this happen to anyone there needs to be a number of factors at play.

Below are ways in which to increase the possibility of some of your content going and increasing your traffic tenfold.. If you do not fully believe in viral possibilities as yet online for increasing traffic, many successful online do it all the time. In fact some only get traffic from viral aspects off there site alone..

1. Controversy – Everyone loves talking about controversy, whether it is a post (page) or not..

2. Emotion – Everyone is really emotional creatures.. Emotion creates discussion..

3. Communications – Ways in which to spread that powerful information..

Controversy going Viral

What i mean by controversy, is it like gossip and what happens with gossip, it gets spread.. In a way it is like your opinion on a subject  which may cause some debate. The more controversy, the more chances another blogger or website owner may write about you or your opinion and include a valuable link to your website. This in turn creates back links and then the traffic begins..

I was asked once is negative controversy good or bad..? Like in any situation negative can have a negative effect, however a negative controversy online can have positive effect. Imagine ten bloggers writing about (a post) how much they think your blog post they disagree with.. All of which linking to you.. Then you comment back saying, i see your point and the many debates are created.. That’s ten possible links and more as the debate continues.. Top marketers know this trick and use it all the time.. As an example of this many top marketers will discuss there earnings, I earn a thousand from this and this and this and look at how many i referred and look how easy it is to make this.. Then what happens… People write about it on there blogs.. Maybe they do earn that much or maybe they do not, either way each ¬†link helps them..

This is what is referred to as controversy linking.. “This blogger earns this much, check out his monthly payment page here..”

This creates traffic (links), controversy and money when people write about your content.. Even if the blogger that writes there opinion of them not earning that much it still creates traffic for them and hey presto..

Emotion going Viral

Emotion is a powerful element. If you can touch someones heart or open someones eyes to something that pulls a heart string it can have massive effects other than just creating a more enthusiastic audience. People tend to help those that effect there heart or emotions without even thinking. In a way this is like finding the emotion you can bring forth in to any page and post and putting yourself out there to how you feel in a way..

A bit of emotion goes a long way, so use it..

Communications going Viral

Communications is the element of making a post or a page or content easy to share. It is one thing to have great content people want to share, however it is another to make sure it is easy to share. Add some social network buttons or ways in which people can easily discuss before a persons inspiration of sharing is distracted.. This is a very important element to any blog, as well as always make it very easy for people to subscribe to your blog as well.. Keep the discussion of your content moving..

So Can You Go Viral with your Content..?

No matter how we look at it viral aspects of creating content is available to everyone. It is all about fine tuning your content, making it as good as it can be, creating emotion, creating controversy, making it easy to share and then of course keeping at it.. Always look at your audience like how you would like to be read yourself..

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