How to make High Conversion Affiliate Bait Banners?

how to make high conversion affiliate bait bannersIn a recent post about increasing affiliate program conversion I promised that I would mention how to do high conversion affiliate banners.. First of all if you are selling or promoting any form of affiliate program this can help you increase conversions and sales, so I would recommend bookmarking this page or subscribing to my RSS..

1 ) High Conversion Affiliate Bait Banners – Colours and Theme – Use colours to create attention, with affiliate banners try to use ones that are similar to your theme colour or just darker as to stand out on your page or sidebar.. The powers of colours is amazing, they can create emotion, create excitement or create avoidance.. Always try to imagine your blog or website as a work of art, if it looks good your sales and affiliate banner conversions will be way higher..

2 ) High Conversion Affiliate Bait Banners – Quotes or Testimonies – At the bottom of a banner add a phrase that catches peoples attention, it could be a testimonie or anything that makes the banner more unique to your webiste or blog.. Testimonies or quotes create more emotion and tells people it is more important than just advertising an affiliate program..

An example of this is say a affiliate program where a lot of people earn up to 500 a month.. Use this as a written testimony below the post or add “Many Make $500 a month or more from this Program – Click here for more information” 

“Did that draw your attention more already..?”

3 ) High Conversion Affiliate Bait Banners – 6 Second Rule – Remember the six second marketing rule meaning most visitors leave your website in that time so to increase conversion add them to the first seen area by the visitor, the header.. A good example of this is on this blog, in the sidebar.. We all have to work on getting visitors staying longer, however the ones that do not, it is good to get them going to a banner that draws more attention..

4 ) High Conversion Affiliate Bait Banners – Own Design – To be more unique with your banner you could make your own to refer to that program, it could even include your own photo image.. This will let visitors know your recommending to the point where you have devoted a picture of your self.. It could simply be a gif saying something like “Timon Recommends” in big bold theme related colours and then change to the standard affiliate image.. This can make a massive impact, if you are going to use the affiliate program gif or image make sure to ask the afiliate programs support for permission.. 9 times out of 10 they will say yes but protects you from copyright issues..

5 ) High Conversion Affiliate Bait Banners – Use in Related Posts or Pages – I noticed so many blog or website owners do not do this and I have always wondered why..? Simply by adding a related affiliate banner to a post or page the increase in conversion and sales is massive.. Even better yet write posts or pages occassionally about the affiliate programs and include there link in the post or page and a banner as well for full effectiveness.. Good luck..

In this post I have included some unique made banners.. If you would wish to have a banner made personally that reflects your website or blog feel free to contact me above..


  1. Improving our banners to help increase conversions is something we can all work on. Thanks for the great tips! A great reference article.

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