How to Make Money Online with Many Niche Websites?

How many websites do you own? Well the reason I ask is because many people online make good money online by running multiple websites, in a way similar to multiple income streams. The main reason being is this, each website can run a different unique niche and each one can be a different avenue of earning. As many know people love unique niches and so do search engines and that is why this technique works so well, however there is a down side…

Running many WEBSITES takes time…!

Yes that is right, running one takes long enough hey, currently I run 6 websites and each one took a lot of time to get going.. So anyways even if it takes time does that mean it is not worth it, no it is still very worth it. One niche could do better than another, one might not do so well and another may do okay. However by running many websites you can fully see what works best, like any business idea, some are great, some not so great.

Okay so how do you make money in these Niche Websites?

This is the good part, you can use PPC targeting (Bidvertiser or AdSense as examples) in that niche or related affiliate programs or related ecommerce products or paid advertising. There are so many ways to make money from niche websites and because it is in a niche the targeting is higher and so conversions are higher also..

Look at it this way.. Making a website to earn a few dollars a day is not too difficult, so what if you had ten websites earning a few dollars a day.. That’s around $30 dollars a day and think about it, you can grow that income as well in time.. All simply by duplication of website Niches…

Here is an Example..

  • Puppy Niche
  • Kitten Niche
  • Lawn Niche
  • Golf Niche
  • Datsun Niche

As you can see from the examples (just examples okay) above they are all very specific so each one can be targeted better for making money online.

One recommended good platform to use for creating niche websites is WordPress, it is easy, works well and overall has many great functions.. If however your looking for another way read on..

Is there another way? HyperVre can Help..

One other way I was referred to that you may be interested in trying is with a system called HyperVre.  HyperVRE is free website creating software that helps you build unique custom websites on any niche topic you choose. Interestingly with HyperVRE, all you have to do is download the program, start the program, enter a high return (high paying) AdWord keyword, and then click build it.

I have not tried the program myself but have been told many good things about it by other online marketers. One such recommendation for this program is from online marketer, Joel Comm.

Best of all the software is free and only costs extra if you wish to try more of the money making features.. To check out a video demonstration of HyperVre or to sign up to HyperVre Click Here.


  1. If diversification is considered a bad idea in the stock market investments as Warren BUFFETT said, I can be a profitable strategy in the online marketing arena. As a matter of fact the spending habits of buyers online are very unpredictable and diversification is the only way to guarantee a steady income online.
    Great post Timon !

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