How to Make Money with Google Earth?

(Video Above – Impressive visuals with the new Google Earth 5.0)

Your probably thinking there is no way to make money online with this Google Earth, however if you use it with promotable videos you can easily draw more traffic to your website or blog. And the more traffic when used with promoting anything on your web site equals more money. You can make great introductions to videos, effects, etc, you name it..

I have even noticed many TV news stations are starting to use Google Earth for its impressive visual effects, recently seen on CNN.

Google Earth Effects in action with Video Applications –

Imagine say I had to fly to Canada for a business meeting for say, Super Affiliates and I wanted to make a basic video about what I learnt there.. Simply screen capture video the flight sequence from your home on Google earth to the conference place in Canada.. Think about, what a cool and easy effect that would be for an in video transition.. It can easily turn a average video presentation into an impressive eye catching view..

Affiliate Marketing Ideas with Google Earth

I was thinking about how to use it with Affiliate Marketing and I was imagining it could do really well with travel related affiliate programs. You could make a short video about a travel tour that looks good and include a Google earth intro for the travel sequence with some impressive images to show whats included in the package. In a way it would make an impressive online travel commercial without having to spend anything on visual effects, simply let Google do the work.. Lastly of course include the full travel review url back to website in the video to encourage a sale..


  1. These are good ideas for using Google Earth to make money.

    I found a more indirect use for it when I was distributing flyers through Perth and Sydney. I used Google Earth to find clusters of apartment blocks. That made my work a lot quicker. Also, since I was promoting products most often bought by younger, single people (more often living in apartments than in houses) it increased my sales off the flyers too.

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