How to make People want to Link to you?

An important aspect of generating traffic, is how to make people want to link to you online. This is important for creating back links and generating more traffic online. Simply by perfecting this tip you can turn a small website in any niche into a massive buzzing social environment..

First of all take a look at some of the top bloggers or website owners out their in your own niche and ask yourself where are they getting there traffic? The answer is usually simple, links to their website. Do a search on them for in Google and see what comes up.. If the back links are high in their then this is a good indication of why they are doing well online.. That is their success, so now your probably thinking how do they do it and how can I as well..?

Making people want to link to you can be broken into Three main areas below –

  • Lot’s of good Unique Content that helps your Readers – Help creates help, with this aspect think about what may inspire your readers to link.
  • Image Branding, Name Branding and Url Branding – Make yourself like a brand and people will see it like so and link naturally in related content they blog about.. One way of doing this is by commenting on other related blogs often and being active in the social networks and drawing traffic from these sources.
  • Affiliate Programs – Running an Affiliate Program encourages people to link to you because in return they can earn money from any sales generated from the referral link.

In a way Inspiring people to link to you is like fishing, you can spend all day without bait and have no luck or you can use some of the three tips above to catch some fish.. The more good content you create the bigger the fishes you can catch..

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