How to make Pictures look better in a Post or Webpage?

how to make pictures look better in posts or pagesWhen writing a post or web page a picture can really say a lot about a post or page. Just like the saying a picture says a thousand words. It’s easy to get over excited and forget about how you can better present your page.

The main reason why it’s important to use an impressively placed image is so when a reader comes to read your website they are impressed by your presentation and the chances of reading your post or article has greatly improved. The sad truth is even when you have greatly written content unless you use a picture in your content a large amount of people will leave. By keeping your readers or customers on your site longer you greatly improve sales and reader loyalty.

I know you might be thinking yeah i use pics all the time in my pages…. but the real question is where are you putting them? How are you presenting them in content? Let me show an example of two ways of implementing pics and then show you how you can change your script to make them look better for readers.

Standard Average presentation of Picture in Content –

how to make pictures look better in posts or pages

Looks good, but can we make the picture look better…?

Improved presentation of picture in content –

how to make pictures look better in posts or pages

You can see the small difference in presentation allows the words to be around the image… You could have it to the right or left this example shows the left. In the above example of presentation the image is edited in fireworks (or adobe photoshop which ever you prefer) to include a nice small amount of white space around the picture. In fireworks it is called changing the canvas size. This allows a bit of space for thought in between the picture and writing therefore creating a better looking image.

Wordwrapping Script for images would look like this –

<img src=”” align=”left” height=”whatever image size” width=”whatever image size” />

You can in the script above change left to right and then image would be on the right. Also if you want you can add a vspace or hspace if not changing the image border. eg. <img src=”” align=”left” height=”whatever image size” width=”whatever image size” hspace=”10″ vspace=”10″>…

Overall good presentation is a big element in any online web site business to improve overall sales and web site return visits… Picture Above: The picture above is of Vang Vieng in Laos South East Asia. It was taken in eary 2007. This is the view from the Hotel room i stayed in over looking the beautiful valley and mountains.

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