How to Make Your Blog More Unique?

How to Make Your Blog More Unique with templatesYou have a blog right? Well if you don’t that’s okay, I am sure your here because your thinking about it. This post mainly is to point out how to be more unique in a Niche. You may be already doing some of these which is great, these tips may not help then, however if not and you want more uniqueness then read on…

First of all, how many blogs out there are in the Make Money Online Niche, Fashion Niche, Beauty Niche or Technology Niche..? Millions, am I right..? However, what if there was a few ways to set anyone in these niches apart, even if they are so competitive.. Well there is.. Here are some tips and ideas to ponder..

4 Ways to Make Your Blog More Unique!

1 ) Stick at that niche like glue is number one. I do not know if you have heard the statistic that 97% of all businesses fail, however it is a very real rule and this includes online businesses. Basically with this rule in mind, if you stick it out and keep blog posting then in time your competition will decrease as your blog continues to grow. And then after that, what happens? You get some of there traffic. Quite commonly bloggers will not earn anything for the first few years of blogging, so can you hold out that long and stay committed?

While this tip is really not about being unique now, its about being more unique in time as most in the same niche will give up there blogging dream. This tip is about keeping at it..

2 ) Okay number two, offer something for free and I am not just meaning a standard subscription, that is very common. I mean stuff like contests related to your niche or short ebook guides written by you. Anything free to say to your readers “hey, they are a little different to others in my same niche.”

3 ) Interact with your readers or commenters as much as possible. Form blogging relationships with those in the same niche, maybe even swap links. Here the uniqueness, comes from not just focusing on blog posting. If someone comments, comment back on there blog. If someone shares traffic with you from there blog, share traffic back and so forth. Its amazing how much more easier being successful on the Internet is in general if you have many niche relationships between your blog and other blogs like yours.

4 ) Choose a unique template.


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