How to really Make Money Online Doing Nothing?

Well we have all heard the saying on the Internet “make money online doing nothing“…Is it possible? Well to begin with if we did nothing then nothing would ever get done. There are however ways to make money online once set up, that don’t involve any more work..

This type of making money is called residual earning, once it is setup then the money keeps coming in.

There are alot of Affiliate programs out there that do this online, where you earn a small percentage from your referred sellers.It’s especially common with service billing, like hosting, Internet access, telephone, bills that people pay on a regular basis that we can keep receiving a commission on the profit.

“Make Money Online doing nothing…I would call that residual affiliate earnings…”

Once a system of residual earnings is setup to the earnings you want, then in a sense you are making money online doing nothing afterwards.

“Creating and building a residual income is a smart way of making money online..”make money online doing nothing

It’s a win win for you, the Affiliate company and the customer… You created the regular customer ,so there happy and your happy because you are getting a regular commission, and the customer is happy because you provided a good service for what they were looking for.

A good example of some Residual Money Making Affiliate programs is the following companies –

Because resellers panel sells hosting as a service that everyone needs online it is a perfect example of a good residual earner. Unfortunately residual earning isn’t available in all online Affiliate programs, so to begin with it does involve some research.


  1. Kelli Myers from says

    Its impossible to earn money without actually doing nothing. It can be said that to make money online you don’t require to work too hard. Its just that you have to build up the base and keep maintaining it regularly. That is all is needed. Once this is done, as you said, money keeps coming in.

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