How to Set Up Multiple Streams of Internet Traffic?

How is your web traffic going..? If you are like the many other web owners out there, your numbers are probably low, am I right.. Are you receiving less than a few hundred visitors a day to your website or blog? If this is the case read on..

As like setting up multiple streams of Internet income the same goes with traffic. Too quickly do many of us fall into a pattern of creating great traffic with little web visitor response and I will tell you why?


I know many webmasters claim –  “ just create good content and your blog will be successful..” Unfortunately unless you have a well established site this does not work alone by itself. It does not work because many of us create great content online. Then you browse around another site with similar niche content to yours and wonder why they are going so well, why do they have massive streams of visitors everyday? How come they are making money so well, yet even 10 to 15 visitors to a single page daily would be a dance for joy.. Am i right?

Imagine 100’s of Web Visitors per day Per Post or Page..

Imagine this, there are plenty of sites out there getting hundreds of visitors daily to one page on there blog or website. You just have to look at the Internet a bit differently.. Imagine having 20 to 30 posts on your blog receiving this sort of traffic, 100 plus each.. Well it is possible.. That’s where multiple streams of Internet traffic comes in..

First of all, stop thinking like a blogger or SEO marketer..! Stop focusing on getting traffic from these sources alone or just because now they are the main traffic source. Instead focus on where you can get traffic from if the search engines or blog pinging services did not exist.

Websites, blogs, back links, etc, etc..

In the end try to look at it this way, try to make traffic streams for each post you create, other than from the search engines. I know this takes time, but keep this in mind, only a little extra bit of effort sets you a part from other blogger’s or website owners.

In part two of How to Set Up Multiple Streams of Internet Traffic I will go into what sites and services can help create these types of traffic streams, all of which are all free and available to anyone online.. In a way it is a bit like a traffic formula.. The only extra investment needed is time.. To keep up to date on this subject and similar subjects of increasing traffic, simply subscribe for free to the Buyers Web Blog via email RSS and have our blog posts convieniently emailed directly to your email box.


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    thats good. Thanks for your advice. I guess, traffic is king for make money.

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