How to Spot the Lies in Online Marketing…?

how to spot an online marketing lieWe have all seen it, being tricked into buying something that we think is better than we think or that we don’t know that it is free elsewhere.

There are many ways to avoid being scammed online into believing unbelievable marketing offers. It’s like being streetwise except your online…

“Just like being Street Wise, be Online Wise…”

Some Ways to Spot an Online Marketing Lie…?

  1. First thing’s first, let’s look at who is selling the product or service…? I’m not saying be over judgemental but if there is a lot of negative feedback on the seller, it is good to be cautious…
  2. Are they just after a profit solely or is the product or service they provide value for money and going to help you a lot…?
  3. Do a search for the product or service online to see if anyone else is selling or providing the same service for cheaper..?
  4. Look at the sellers credibility, are they just saying buy buy buy…?
  5. Is the product or service being being dropped from a over inflated price to make it look like you are getting an amazing offer…?
  6. Look at testimonies, this is very important they are legit looking, if they are they usually show full name and country…possibly some with website…?

Do some research to make sure the product or service can’t be gotten for free…This happens a lot.. So recommended… Search free and the product or service name in yahoo or google and see what comes up, you may be very surprised…

Overall it’s most likely a good deal or service, just remember it’s a big Internet world out there…

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