How to start your own Blogging Business from Scratch?

how to get start your blogging business from scratchWhen you start blogging from scratch its best to start by focusing on what you need to begin with to get you to writing in your blog. After that then it’s really just about how to maintain your blog.

Here is a list of the starting elements needed when you start your own blogging business from scratch.

  1. You will need to decide on what niche or topic you would like to write about in your blog, preferably one that you are interested in. This makes it a lot easier to write. Why not jot down your ideas on a notepad and go through them one by one until you find the one that suits you most.
  2. You will need to sign up for some hosting. The hosting company i prefer is Duoservers. There prices are good and they have all the requirements for blogging. Best of all for anyone new to blogging they have an option in there hosting admin that will automatically install WordPress. Which is a bonus for anyone who doesn’t know much about scripting.
  3. Next you will need to decide on a domain name, Duoservers does domain names for $6 so if you are after a cheap domain name you can get it all at the one place in your one account. As a hint make your domain name easy to remember. For more info on picking a good domain name click here.
  4. Install your Blog script, if you chose WordPress and the hosting above you can install it quickly with there elephant installer in the hosting admin they will provide.
  5. Once this is all done, why not write your first post in your Blogging platform admin? Personally i recommend WordPress as a blogging platform as it is easy to use and has many more features that other blogging scripts out there don’t.
  6. Choose a nice template (or theme) that suits your blog.
  7. After you have written a good number of posts why not add a few related advertisements to your blog to generate an extra income.

That’s it, these beginning steps will help you get you blogging business running. To learn how to keep it going and what other elements are important when blogging like traffic, why not Subscribe to Buyers Web by Email

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