How to tell who is a Long Term South East Asian Traveller from a Newbie?

long term south east asian traveller compared to a newbieIf you have ever been in South East Asia, or are currently living there you will most likely relate to this post… There are many aspects that can help you tell who has been in South East Asia for a while and below are some funny notes to help anyone tell. (Please note this is more from a Westerners point of view..)

Long Term South East Asian Traveller or a Newbie?

1) Reaching for the fish sauce rather than the ketchup? Long Term… (okay so i am not much of a fish sauce fan, but many are once here for a while, so i had to add it)
2) Ordering Fried rice or Noodles for Breakfast? Long Term… (did i used to like toast?)
3) Bargaining on prices without even thinking? Long Term… (it becomes automatic after a while)
4) Using a mix of local phrases and english combined? Long Term… (mainly hello and thankyou in local language and the rest in english, but i am still learning)
5) Wondering where to find transport? Newbie… (transpost, you will have trouble not finding transport in the
South east, you will be asked everywhere)
6) Wondering where to find a good hotel or gheshouse? Newbie… (just walk around, they are everywhere, chances are a good one is within 200 metres)
7) Booking a hotel or ghesthouse online? Newbie… (hotels are ghesthouses are everywhere, no need to book)

Please Note: The countries i am referring to in particular for South East Asia are Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.. I am currently in Thailand, but I am from Australia…

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