How to Write a Good Blog Comment?

Occasionally sometimes as blog writers we receive comments that are way off track in relation to the blog post. I thought i would write a short post on how to write a good comment. The best way to write a good comment is to always relate the comment to the post as much as possible. Not meaning when writing the comment to go over the same stuff the blog writer has already written. What i mean mainly is add your own opinion to the post.

And if say there is already a few comments on a post, why not relate your comment to the other comments opinions as well as the post.

Some examples of some nice but Unrelated Comments –

  • Nice post..
  • Nice template…
  • Oh i like this article…
  • Like there nice comments don’ t get me wrong, however when you add your own opinion to a post it is much better. An example like this looks much better if say you commented on this post –

    “Joe Blow – – Yeah i agree on what you mean about how to write a good comment. I always find that by not answering all the questions in a post helps me get more good comments… Nice post by the way.”

    In reply to this its more likely to get a comment response like this –

    Sally Bob – – “Hey Joe, I never thought about that way of making your blog post get more quality comments. I will try that. I always find myself some posts get better comment responses than others…”

    After Joe above has written his comment, other commenter’s are more open for discussion on his opinion on how to get more quality comments. This comment above not only has improved your blog post, but has improved the comment writer’s opinion on the subject. Writing good comments is another great way to create more exposure for your name and for your website. It’s a win win for both blog owner and commenter.

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