How to Write a Good Blog Post or Page?

how to write a good blog post or pageMany Bloggers or website owners have different concepts on what makes a good looking page or post however what i wanted to do in this post is describe what i feel is a good blog post or page in a website. This is written from not just a blog owner, as i am an ecommerce website owner, directory owner, blog owner and article website owner.

How to Write a Good Blog Post or Web Page? How many Paragraphs?

I would recommend three to five paragraphs maximum. If you do more then remember to break it up well with images. The main reason i believe in the three to five is most readers find it daunting to read to much, they want a quick answer on a subject without overwhelming data. Three to five allocates enough space for this.

How to Write a Good Blog Post or Page? How Many Headings?

I would recommend a Heading on most paragraphs with at least two headings in a post or page. Headings allow the reader to see what each paragraph or section is about in your Web Page or Post. That way it saves time for the reader when they can what information they want straight away. Also search engines like a few headings on a Web Page or Post.

how to write a good blog post or page

How to Write a Good Blog Post or Page? How many Images in a Post or Web Pages?

I would recommend at least one image per Post or Web Page. An image says a thousand words in a Post or Web Page and if related to the Page can bring more life to the Page. If it is a bigger Post or Web Page, add a image per three or four paragraphs to break it up. When using an image i would recommend using alt tags in the image ( eg. alt=”image”> ).

How to Write a Good Blog Post or Page? How many outgoing links?

In one Web Page i would recommend in content only using up to three outgoing links. If you use none that is fine too. Anything over three links can be a bit overkill and if you are writing about a affiliate program refer them down the bottom of the Post or Web Page. Using links to other pages in your Web Site or Blog is an excellent way of linking your website up to it’s many pages.

How to Write a Good Blog Post or Page? Conclusion and Write up base…

In conclusion this is how to write a good looking Web Page. I would always recommend writing in the order of what it is, the question or introduction, then the summary on what you think about it, then the conclusion on the overall look or answer to the question. Introduction, Summary and Conclusion… After that it is all about writing good informative content. Good luck…

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