How to Write a Persuasive Essay or Post..?

how to write a persuasive essay or postWriting a persuasive essay or post is a very effective way of getting your point across in any field. It is also a excellent way of constructing a web post or for really effective online marketing. The steps detailed below in this post, will not only help you write a persuasive essay, but also will show you how to organize parts of the persuasive essay in the way that will work best.. In a way a good essay is a bit like a debate with yourself… Convincing yourself, so you can convince others… Are you convinced yet?

Okay, let’s begin..

Three Steps Below on how to write a Persuasive Essay..?

1) The Introduction to Suck the Readers In a Essay or Post…

The introduction is very important, this is where the reader decides whether to go on reading you essay (or post) or ignore it… What you need to do as much as possible is lead the reader into the debate, write something that grabs there attention in the first sentence or something that makes it come out… Maybe a quote from someone famous, a fact about the argument, maybe a challenging quote from yourself, maybe a sentence that sells itself to what the reader is trying to understand. Whatever it is make sure it is the number one attention to your essay or post.. Try not to make it to long, make it short, sweet and get them reading further.. This is going to help your readership levels, out heaps…!

2) The Body Area or Details Area of a Persuasive Essay or Post…

The Body area in a essay is where you use your facts, your understanding of the argument further and convincing people of your opinion based on evidence. The more you provide in a argument in one aspect the more it is convincing to your point. However just remember to not overkill one point of view or paragraph here, with too many similar statements…

Each point to go towards your overal theory or debate of evidence should be separated by paragraphs and to make each paragraph more interesting the beginning sentence should be introductory to the paragraph, like a lead into it as well… This way each paragraph can easily lead the reader into a picture of your argument more clearly…This is very important to develop good readership and for any persuasive type of situation… If you are an online internet marketer this is where an effective promotion lead up to sale happens…

3) A Awesome Conclusion in a Persuasive Essay or Post

The conclusion should be similar to the introduction in size, and should answer all or most of the essay readers questions. Basically here is a good place to recall all your points into a couple of sentences, a quote on the theory itself or your point of view on it, have a theory of a good solution, or also to ask your readers what they think..?

An awesome example of an addition to a conclusion is where a quote is used to sum it all up at the end… Eg.  By providing your readers with these solutions detailed above, not only will there essay posts be more persuasive, but it will also be effective to help sum up there debate.

My Conclusion on Persuasive Essay Style Blog Posts..

Writing a good or great essay is more or less like writing a good or great blog post, by using the techniques above you should be able to increase your overall length of stay from visitors as well as your overall potential readership levels. If you know of any more tips or tricks on this subject that you think i might of missed feel free to comment it below?

In my next post I write about, How to Write a Reflective Essay or Post?

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