How to Write a Reflective Essay or Post?

In a previous post i wrote about How to Write a Persuasive Essay or Post? In this post I thought I would discuss a different perspective, a reflective one – How to write a good Reflective Essay or Post..?

Writing a reflective post is all about providing a thoughtful analysis on something… In a way it is like a flashback or daydream over some work you may have done in the past. Using the reflective technique can be powerful in a essay or post, as it allows a lot of freedom to dwell on the theory or concept of the essay… Basically it can allow more depth and personal emotion… eg. I remember when it was like this… Writing a reflective essay is still however like other essays though, you still need to provide a good point in your writing.

How to Write a Reflective Essay or Post Introduction…?

Writing the introduction should be focused on the reflection of the topic as well as the solution. It could also include yourself personally, emotions and a basic stance on a solution for discussion in your writing…

“I remember when i was younger essays were easy to write, I would simply pick up a pen and away I would go. Unfortunately similar to me, many people lose these skills over time… Research indicates that 7 in 10 people after leaving school lose the techniques learnt after only 3 to 4 years… Is there a solution to this? Yes i think the best solution is encouraging more continual learning…etc…” — Reflective Quote Example…

Some Good Tips to Use When You Write a Reflective Essay or Post

  • Create Emotion about your essay topic
  • Stick to the point, while reflecting on its solution
  • Give bright explanations or solutions that may help
  • Include yourselves opinion or emotion into the essay
  • Ask a lot of questions where the answer or solution looks obvious
  • Use quotes or theories to support your reflective writing

How to Write a Reflective Essay Summary or Middle…?

This is where you focus on the essays topic providing evidence and claims to support your point of view. To write in a more reflective way use emotional writing in the first sentence of every paragraph as much as possible and use some or others personal experience of this paragraph description…

How to  Write a Awesome Reflective Essay Conclusion…?

Okay the conclusion is an interesting one, here it is first best to be less reflective to sum up all your points and make you final informative answer to the essay evidence…

eg. “This theory indicates that essay writing is just a learning curve and that relearning these forms of writing is easy, by just reminding the mind of its previous learning’s when we were younger…” 

At the end you could include one last related that is a reflective statement or question to allow the reader more thought on the subject. This can give your last line of your reflective essay conclusion that extra boost..

The last reflective conclusion could be something like this – “Considering that relearning these skills is effective by reminding the mind of what we have already learned in the past. Is it possible then to enhance learning for all of us simply by triggering old memories even when we are in school…?” 

As you can see above, I have included a statement as well as another related reflection of the essay (or post…) In a way this leaves it open for another essay or post or for more thought by the reader…

Lastly, Reflective Writing is an Effective Technique for Essays or Blog Posts!

Overall writing in a reflective way is a very effective way of essay or blog writing. Because it includes a lot of emotion it keeps readers interested and allows a lot of in depth thought about your theory. As long as you follow these techniques as out lined above with your blog posts or essays, I am confident it will help a great deal…  If you think i missed out on any points to do with How to write a Reflective Essay? please comment it below…


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