How to Write the Perfect Daily Plan for your Online Business?

Well how to write a perfect daily plan for your business?? The answer is quite simple really always keep your daily plan as realistic as possible…The best plans out there are all about small steps that are easily achieved until the big result is achieved in the end…

When you go to the video shop do you have an elaborate plan on what to hire…? No, we just go there with an idea in mind and we succeed almost every-time. The main reason we succeed in anything is because it’s realistic

Realistic daily plans are a perfect way to keep you on track with your online business…

Writing a perfect plan is not much different to hiring a video…

Sometimes the perfect plan to write down is to write a daily plan…Actually i recommend that. Always write your plan in a positive way as well… Set yourself up to succeed as the saying goes, not to fail.

Example of a realistic plan for your online business –

One example of a realistic plan is if you owned a blog, would be to write 3 posts today and have a tick box next to it. Why only three, well cause it’s a realistic goal and you can put more effort into the posts. Maybe allow yourself over an hour per post too. Also in that day you could have comment on three related blogs to your blog. By creating a Realistic plan you are creating spare time to work on your template or other aspects of your blog that need attention during that day…

So your realistic online plan would look like this –

  1. Write three quality posts ….. tick
  2. Comment on three related Blogs ….tick
  3. Spare time to work on my blog other items….tick

Example of unrealistic plan for your online business –

An example of an Unrealistic plan is any plan that cannot be achieved in a day easily…Or you know you cannot achieve it in a day.. By creating an overwhelming plan you will negatively affect your online business and create unnecessary stress. If there’s a lot of items on the list put some for tomorrow. If more gets done than expected then do more then. Allow time for each item to ensure good content is created and all aspects are done properly.

An unrealistic plan would look like this –

  1. Write Ten quality posts… (Well 12 hours later maybe)
  2. 50 comments on related blogs… (Well 3 hours maybe later)
  3. Finish my template aspects… (Not much spare time now)

I’m not saying to create easy plans, my examples are to just show the difference between what a realistic goal could look like and how an unrealistic goal or plan could look like. The unrealistic plan above could be a three day plan easily, but to do it all in one day would be putting a lot of stress on you and the end result of poorly written posts.

You might be able to do 5 or 6 good posts a day, we all have our limit but it’s best to learn that limit before you start getting carried away with what you think you can do in a day… I have always found that writing a short realistic plan/goal for the day allows them to be achieved easily and therefore put more quality into your posts, your day and your online business…

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