How your Theme or Template can Make you more Money?

how your theme or template can make you more moneyWhen designing a Blog or Website a lot of online businesses forget to create a theme or Template that relates to there service or products. Unfortunately, it’s like they are so excited to get going with there website that they forget this major step. Let me tell you a secret i have learned along the way.

“People Judge your website by how it looks.”

Yes i know it sounds prejudice to think that people are judging your content… I’m sorry but they are Judging on how your Website looks. An example of this is the psychology of colours. Certain colours create certain emotions and there fore certain responses in people.

Here’s some examples on Colours and how they can Effect Someone:

  • Light Blue – Clinical, Clean, Pure, Health, Trust.
  • Orange – Bright, Happy , Games, Jokes.
  • Purple – Alternative, Jewelry, Clothes, Fashion.
  • Green – Environment, Plants, Eco – tourism.

Overall different colours effect people differently, but as a general rule simply by changing colour can make more sales. It can in fact almost double or even triple your profits if you are selling online. It’s similar to the fact that more clicks are produced to links on your website if they are blue over any other colour because we have been trained already to click that way.

“Simply by making small changes to your theme or template, you can increase the money you make online”

Why not look at your theme or template now and ask yourself does it reflect your products or service. If you are getting good sales and the theme does suit your service or products then i recommend leaving it. If not many sales and you are getting plenty of traffic, it sounds like it is time for a change.

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