I am Giving In, I will make an Ebook!

I have been putting off the creation of my ebook for a while now, I guess I have been spending too much time on my other projects. I now have added it to my recent goal list which means I have to start making one. I have been prompted a number of times about the ebook in the past, so it’s a late reply now, but it is still happening.

The ebook will focus on the the main 15 to 20 elements, I have described on starting a successful online blog and website as described here on Buyers Web. In a way it will be the Instant coffee version compared to this blog, but if used right will help those starting or those wanting to spruce more out of their sites. In a way it is like the online steps I learnt the hard way over many years of trial and error..

I am still working on an effective name for the Ebook, I am contemplating “Website Buzz Secrets – Turning an average Website into a Buzzing Community” or “The Instant Coffee Version of Creating a Successful Website – For those that want the Information Quick!” or “Successful Blog Creation – How to Make the perfect Blog?“..

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