I found my Car on the new Google Earth!

Yesterday I was playing around with Google Earth 5.o and i have to say it is way better than the old one.. This one is clearer with many more features including the mapping of the ocean. If you want to see something interesting go to co-ordinates below –

My Car On Google Earth – My Car is Famous!

i found my car on google earth

Latitude – 28°48’13.06″S Longitude – 153°17’9.28″E

 My Old House on Google Earth..

my house on google earth

And then to street view camera. It’s my car. Yes the yellow one.. Now that is impressive, in fact where I used to live is there as well. In a way Google Earth is quite spooky, I am overseas (Vietnam) at the moment, and when viewing these it feels like your right there in some way..


  1. I want to find my car on the new google earth.

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