I Miss You MSN, Do You Miss Me..?

Do you miss MSN? I have to say I miss the other search engines out there in particular MSN. In the past they used  be a reliable search engine, now it seems it is only about 3% of of my search engine traffic. I sometimes wonder what happened to this giants search engine and so I go do a search in there index for a few days to see if they have improved, but it appears to be still the same..

Image Above – Hey MSN!

As for the other two dominate search engines, Google and Yahoo it is hard to say where the influence will go next. Many will say Google as they are at the top at the moment yet like what happened with Googles success so could possibly swing back to Yahoo’s favour, it is hard to say.. What do you think..?  Also do you think MSN will come back into the search engine game soon..?


  1. I agree but in my case MSN is less than .5%. I cant see anything beating Google for many years to come, their developments come thick and fast and usually before anyone else.

    However I think this is rather unhealthy, restricing the rang of usefull search engines.

    Possibly the MS version of adsense may stimulate a bit more use.

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