I Remember when Search Engines Loved Directories!

I remember when search engines loved directoriesI remember back about 4 to 6 years ago when I first started my online endeavor of making money online and one aspect I remember is how much search engines loved Directories back then. This is not to say they do not like Directories at all any more, just that they have less weight in the search engines now that the search engines have implemented new algorithm changes..

What I have noticed now that is interesting the new cool kid on the block is Blogs, search engines love blogs now, it’s like instead of attaching a directory to a ecommerce site now, if you attach a blog you will do a lot better eg like below –


Is now better off as


(The above could also be the other way round, a Blog base with a ecommerce sub folder..)

Simply by adding a related Blog to an ecommerce niche is like the new best thing for generating traffic and bringing Back Links.. This new trend of Blog loving by the search engines is exceptionally beneficial for existing Blog owners as it looks like this change is here to stay for a while. The likely hood of this is mainly because a Blog answers all the major search engine requirements especially with Google..

I guess it is another positive reason to be a Blogger these days, hey.? I thought I would share that bit of Internet history with you.. If you remember when search engines loved Directories.. feel free to comment your thoughts about it below..?

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