If Content is the King, then a Blog is the CASTLE!

Don’t forget who is your King!!! Hail… Ye Content!

One major goal in all professional websites is to create large streams of visitors that are targeted to your theme. The best way to do this which many forget is content.. Basically content is the KING! No Joke… If you are really serious about your website this isĀ  one of the most surefire techniques out there to generate traffic… There are some rules though, it is not just any content…

“Rule Ye Well and provide Fresh Content daily to it’s People (Readers)…”

Rules For making Content the King!

There are many rules to make content good, the search engines is the major one, duplicate content is not a Kings way, it has to be original.. Also it has to be what the people or peasants want…

No need providing Kingly laws without it being what the people want is it..? Rule your people well by posting to a specific niche of Kingly Content . (Basically meaning write about a specific niche category..)

Laws by the King! To its People – Readers

  • No duplicate content otherwise the search engines will arrest thee…
  • Original specific category oriented
  • Many many teaching or posts on the topic to provide to its people (readers)
  • Use other Kingdoms to protect your kingdom with back links
  • Respect the King and provide good content!
  • And lastly love live the King!

If Content is King… Then your Blog is the Castle!

We all know that if content is Kingly then definitely a Blog is the Castle. The main focus of a blog is content and fresh content at that. This is a perfect platform for any Kingdom… Hail Ye..

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