If you Digg a post, why not Digg it on Digg.com?

Have you heard of the social network Digg? It’s a website rating social network. When you are reading a post or webpage online that you like or enjoy you can Digg it by submitting it through there network. Other Diggers that like your post also can add a Digg, the more Diggs a page gets means more people that like your page or post on Digg.com.

Not only is Digg a good resource for readers who are looking for a good read, it is also a great benefit for Bloggers, and website owners for extra traffic.

if yo digg a post why not digg it on digg

“If you enjoy an article or post, why not help by Digging it, win win for all… “

What better way to help the writer than to share it with other people out there. One way of sharing this page is by talking to people you know at home and another way is by submitting the page to social networks like Digg.com.if yo digg a post why not digg it on digg

You can see the Digg button below for my posts to allow people to Digg my posts or pages easily.

Not only are you sharing information that will help others or interest others you will be able to show your appreciation to the blog owner. Which always helps when you are a writer. So next time you read a post and you enjoy it, why not help them and others by Digging the page.

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