In Thailand – Travelling while on an Income.

thailand travel make money onlineWell i am officially in Thailand now in an area called Banglamphu ( Near Khao San rd). I needed yesterday to rest as i was on a 12 hour flight that had a lot of turbulence this time. There were a few storms and weather as we passed over Malaysia and Phnom Phen (Cambodia).

Work online while in Thailand

Now that i am here i will get into the free flow of writing again on my blog. I hope you all have not missed me too much (lol).. What i wanted to focus on in this post is income while travelling in Thailand. Thailand in general is a country where anyone that works online will have no trouble finding Wi Fi (for laptops) areas to keep there business flowing well.

While a lot of people are comfortable where they are having the ability to travel and derive an income while online has its many freedoms which conventional businesses do not. Being able to pack your bags, take your laptop and jump on a plane for an adventure that will surprise you. Thailand is just like one of those places, beautiful beaches in the south and islands all the way to beautiful mountain sides in the north near Chang Mai.

No matter where you go Thailand you will find places to see and do. This is not my first visit to the kingdom and so i know a lot of the beautiful places to stay. Imagine getting up in the morning having breakfast, opening your laptop, doing all your emails and work needed then laying on a beautiful beach or near a beautiful waterfall in Northern Thailand. I have to say welcome to Thailand.

Daily Budget while travelling Thailand

Income is great while travelling, transferring money from your credit card merchant account to your bank account is a breeze. What a way to travel and to think only a few hours Monday to Friday is needed a day.

In Thailand - Travelling while on an IncomeA comfortable income in Thailand in general is about 20 to 30 aud or US a day for any traveller. Yes i know this isn’t much, if you want to splurge you can spend up to 30 aud a night on accommodation in Thailand and get resort style rooms instead of the guesthouses. Guesthouses are very nice however and range between 180 baht a night (5 dollars) all the way to 600 on average (17 dollars).

The 400 to 600 baht a night will generally get you all the mod cons needed or wanted including cable, ac, fridge etc..

Overall having that extra income coming in while on holiday is a way to really enjoy the benefits of working online that some people take for granted. If you yourself work online maybe it’s time you packed your bags to come and visit some of the beautiful places in the world.. Happy Travels..

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