Incoming and Outgoing Links.. What does it all Mean?

Incoming and Outgoing LinksIf you are fresh and new to working online or blogging but keep hearing the words incoming and outgoing links you are probably wondering, what is it? First of all let’s all look at what each one is and does?

Incoming Links

Incoming links are links from websites that have links pointing to your website. They not only help get more traffic by the referring from there site but they also help with search engine ranking. The more popular your website and more websites have a link to you website the better position in general in the major search engines.

Outgoing Links

Outgoing links are links you refer to on your website or blog. They create traffic for other web owners and help them out as well.. If you have too many outgoing links it can lower your ranking.

More Incoming and Less Outgoing

What you basically want is to have more incoming and less outgoing links. This ensures a safe medium balance between the two aspects of your website or blog. For all outgoing links make sure they are good websites and don’t link to bad neighbourhoods as this can destroy your website ranking and traffic level. How do i get more incoming links you might ask?

There a few ways to do this –

  1. Write good content and other bloggers will link to you naturally
  2. Comment on many other blogs, make a day of the week for commenting
  3. Directories
  4. Link Partners, careful not to link to bad neighbourhoods

The search engines see Incoming links to you like a popularity vote so the more the merrier…good luck…!


  1. Make Online Money says

    i did tried the method you teach here..
    but the most important is good content..without good content..u will not have returned readers..=)

  2. Timon Weller says

    hey… Definetely good content is an important element… Step 1 above..

  3. TheShadow says

    Hi,Thanks for the tips.but i would like to ask you a doubt.My site has got blogroll link and its a reciprocal link.i add it only if others add.I have about 40 links and have placed on sidebar.but now after reading few post regarding blogroll i have created a page and have included in it.will this really affect SEO

    • Having on a separate page is way better than on a blogroll. Most of the search engines will not put value on sitewide links so the seo effect of having them on a separate page like a resources page is much better for seo.

  4. Hi Timon Weller,nice article.Will you tell me that making a new links page and put reciprocal links can make your site be indexed on google?Plz help me,i never find its answer anywhere?

    • Hey Numan,
      To be indexed better by google or most engines, i recommend making lots of unique quality content related to your niche and building links by natural means as much as possible, quality directories, doing some guest posting, for more info subscribe and download my book, it is packed full of these tips.

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