Increasing E-commerce Orders with the Right Branding

I have been so focused with blogging tips lately on this blog so i decided this post will focus on what i call the right branding for an e-commerce shop. If you are unsure what i mean here i will explain a bit further. The right branding is basically designing a site to suit your products, this will increase orders and also increase return visits..

First of all let’s look at where a lot of people go wrong.. They find or sell a great online brand, they have a well designed website, get traffic, yet wonder why they only get an order or two a day..??? Does this sound familiar..? If so read on..

There are a few solutions to this issue, first of all let’s make sure you get enough traffic, what you want is at least one order per 400 views to be on the right target. That way if your site gets 2000 views a day you should expect at least 5 orders, am i right? If your not getting that sort of result in orders, then keep reading on..

Below are some tips to help improve, if you are already doing it then well then it may be more so the product that is in question.

Solutions to Right Branding –

1) Make sure the colours of your template match your product line. So important and if overlooked can impact very negatively. The same colour will give ease on the eyes and also makes a site easier to read.. In a way this simple tip is like PPC ads and colouring being same, it has the same benefits.

2 ) Make sure the products look better than your competition. If they are your own product line this one cannot be overlooked. People really do judge a book by its cover and so to do they with products online as well.. Make sure the colours, brand name, etc fully match the product. Do not go cheap in this department.. I am still amazed at the amount coca cola sells, yet the product in general is terrible.. That’s where a brand image is powerful..

3 ) Mention the brand many times on a website. This is where you need to talk it up, its the brand remember people are buying. Give it your all, why is it the best, why is it better than others and why are you selling it online? How will it help your visitor by buying it from you compared to others.. All important questions, do not forget this step..

The Right Brand, The Right Money!

Okay so now that i have gone over branding more in detail, I think it may be time to look over you site and see if any of these are missing. I am surprised when i see 90% of sites out there at least have one.. Some even have two overlooked steps above..

Example of E-commerce Branding in Action.. 1, 2 and 3


Men’s Celtic Black Onex Ring

black onexThis beautifully designed Celtic men’s ring would make a lovely gift or purchase for any man. It is supplied by Treasured Jewels by popularity. It is polished and cleaned to allow the strong onyx to show and is available in many sizes. The deep black would suit almost any outfit. Available from Treasured Jewels now at a low price of $7.95 makes it an absolute bargain. Not to mention, free international shipping.

The Black Onex ring would also make a great gift..

To Purchase the Mens Black Onex Ring!


One way of looking at it is a E-commerce shop should be seen in a way, in the same way to a real shop. It needs to have influence in itself. Provide uniqueness in comparison to your competitors and be focused on your niche..

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