Instant Coffee Version of SEO for New Bloggers

Recently I got asked some questions on a quick Seo analysis of a Blog and below are my answers. They were the short and brief version to start a blog from scratch with SEO, yet I was giving the what I like to call the quick Instant Coffee version of SEO and getting a Blog off the ground from nothing. Understanding Seo is something that takes a long time, yet if you want it explained as quickly as possible you might get something like this. (This is for a WordPress self hosted Blog)

Instant Coffee SEO Steps –

1) First of all I would make all urls SEO friendly by going into permalinks in wordpress admin and selecting “custom, specify below” and then adding /%postname%/

2 ) Write down at least 100 minumum Keywords related to your niche and do a separate well written post for each –

eg if your Blog is focused on women write questions people may ask in that niche to draw traffic and do posts about these questions..

  • Pregnancy steps for women – 1 post
  • How mums can help there kids with school – 1 post
  • How did the womens rights movement effect you? – 1 post

These three above are just examples of keyword relations in SEO, every niche is different..
3 ) Then after that I would recommend commenting on about 50 quality related Blogs to yours regular for a few weeks.

4 ) After that keep Blog posting, as well as keep building Back Links by Comments, etc

5 ) Join and be active in many social networks..

6 ) Submit your Blog url to many good Directories for more Back Links and then return to step two again and do all the steps again until your Blog has the desired unique visitors per day..

If you can think of any other ways to get your Blog off the ground in a brief Instant Coffee sort of way (Not the Long Coffee Version) then comment about it below..


  1. thank you Timon
    your tips are the core of a successful seo
    and of course every blogger need a cup of coffee before doing seo 🙂


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