Instant WordPress Ready Hosting – How Easy?

I recently have been doing a lot of work with a Hosting company called Duoservers (LiquidNet Ltd.) that has surprised me all the way. Because i was impressed with the hosting myself I decided to partner up with them to help sell and market there service.

Not only are they one of the cheapest on the market for hosting and domain names, but when i have signed up clients for them they can automatically install wordpress if wanted on sign up. Seeing as the majority of my clients I refer to there hosting wanted wordpress this was a great extra feature for me.

Talk about saving time hey…Domain Names for .coms are only $6.00 per year and hosting is only $5.95 per month to have up to three domain names and 15 Gb Data Storage. What surprised me about them as well was there service ( I use them myself) is quick to answer any concerns or upgrades when needed. They are also happy to assist to change your plan around for what are your hosting needs.

instant wordpress ready hosting

Here is a screenshot above of how to do the instant wordpress install that my clients have been sending me positive feedback on.

Here is a feedback comment on the $5.95 Hosting Package bought by Mark Stewart. ” I have been searching for ages for hosting that had all these features i wanted, but mainly the price was important too. I was so surprised at how quickly my account was setup and now it is working. I chose to install wordpress on sign up for the hosting and it was set up within 30 minutes. So far i have been very happy with them.. You can see my site at which i am using through them…. Thanks Buyers Web. “

Because of my Affiliate partnership with Duoservers (LiquidNet Ltd) I am able to offer a discount deal. For more information on the hosting packages options or to sign up click here.

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