Investment vs time Income

I want to compare the differences of investment earning and time earning.

Firstly time earning is the common one we sell our time to earn money eg. 15 -30 dollars an hour for your service. This is working for someone who is in general creating an investment by there business. By doing this you creating quick money and are benefiting in having income coming in straight away.

Another way of earning is investment earning, this can be risky but is the fundamental way of creating wealth. All investment earning is general creating a slow residual income that builds. It still involves time but the time is much more less, like a hour or less a day compared to to the 9 -5 job.

An example of successful Investment earning in working online, following your business has a good formula and slowly you build a traffic base through backlinks etc. The earnings start low and slowly build over time as you get more viewers or customers over your site.

An example of earnings could be 100 dollars a month and building by 100 dollars per month.

  • 1st month $100 dollars in earnings
  • 2nd month $200 dollars in earnings
  • 3rd Month $300 dollars in earnings etc

The difference in earning style between these two ways of making money is really a trade in time. In the end like any investment it can make money for a long time but might not last forever.  Thats why so many investment people need portfolios to have many lucrative investments in earning.

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