Is Affiliate Marketing Addictive?

is affiliate marketing addictiveIs Affiliate Marketing Addictive?  I know I am addicted and had to share my addiction… Not many days go past where I do not think about writing a post, checking my stats or commenting on a few other blogs..

I have written in the past about how addictive blogging can be and now I believe it is the same as Affiliate Marketing.. Is there a solution..? 

Here are some of the noticeable Signs of an Affiliate Marketing Addiction –

  • Checking your online stats first thing in the morning
  • Checking most of your high earning affiliate stats for new earnings
  • Checking your Paypal account for new payments everyday
  • Writing first thing in the morning a post before even finishing your breakfast
  • Thinking of a blog post before even sleeping
  • Sleeping next to your computer or Laptop
  • Signing up to new affiliate programs often to check them out, as a possible promotion
  • Reading or commenting on affiliate marketing type blogs regularly (like this blog)

Is there a solution to this Affiliate related Addiction..

The best solution I find is to distract or detach yourself away from your computer, maybe go camping for a few days or maybe spend a few days where there is no Internet access. An addiction can easily turn into an unhealthy obsession, however I am sure it is not the worst addiction out there. The key to controlling the addiction, is balancing your time during your day..  Now let’s get back to blogging..

Are you addicted to Blogging or Affiliate Marketing..?


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